Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Butterfly (Actually it was a cabbage moth)

I was in my garden just now and I pulled out a weed and a little white butterfly fell onto the soil. (actually it was a cabbage moth but names are only labels right...) Seems it had just hatched from its cocoon and it's wings were still all floppy ... like they hadn't set yet. It couldn't be the right way up ... it had to be upside down so it's wings could set straight. It was weird. So there I sat ... with it sitting upside down on my finger waiting ... and waiting ... just when I was starting to get impatient ... it took off and flitted off into my vege garden ... to start eating my cabbages I suppose.
Anyway ... I'm sure that it will have a lovely life as there are lots of cabbages in my garden.

Luv Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  1. Dear Jen Zed,

    I just noticed that you are following BIG, and then I visited you and noticed your beautiful illustrations, and then I wondered if you know Jo or I, and then I felt compelled to ask if you would like to write something for our blog about a bird, or a flight, or a winged wild adventure?

    You can email at

    I love your blog!

    Have a great day,


  2. Hullo Lilly ... I love your drawings too. I'd love to share my thoughts on birds with you ... am away at the moment but I'll get onto it soon ok.
    I reckon BIG is going to be
    My farming friend Michelle Falzon showed me your site ... and I liked it.So now I am on your journey too. Big luv ... Jen xxxxxx (on behalf of ZedkidZ)