Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's got to start somewhere ...

Do you ever have ideas that are really big ?
I do ... all the time. It drives my brother Jed CRAZY.

This is my latest plan ....
To get EVERY kid on the planet and all the people who love them
(the representatives of generation zed)
to sign petitions to stop the following ...

AND .... that's not all ... to promote the clean and sustainable energy solutions that are already available ... because as my friend Bill Mollison once said ... "While the problems of the world become increasingly complex ... the SOLUTIONS remain embarrassingly simple."

Never EVER think that you are too little to make a difference.
Just think of a grasshopper ... something like that.
Anyway ... as we say in Singing Creek ... DO YOUR BEST.
Luv Jen xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Gosh .... I don't know about you ... but we are gobsmacked by what is happening on the news at the moment. 
What a MESS.
Seems that every night we sit and shake our heads in disbelief.
These 'natural disasters' .... make me feel sad. 
So many people killed.
So many communities destroyed. 
Such a massive disaster.

But then ... there's the unfolding 'man made disaster' .... the nuclear power station on the faultline with the failed cooling system and the failed generators ... leaching poison into our world at an increasingly alarming rate.
THAT .... makes me feel angry.

It's just not fair.

I am angry at the grown-ups who have allowed this to happen.
How could anyone create a mess so big that it can't be cleaned up? In my opinion ... the nuclear 'industry' has to be shut down immediately. Leave the rest of the uranium in the ground and stop making nuclear weapons and nuclear waste.
There is nothing good about nuclear stuff. Nothing.

In the meantime .... we have to go gungho with all the clean and sustainable alternatives .... don't you reckon ?
luv jen x

Monday, January 3, 2011

ZedkidZ: Birds are like people sort of ...

ZedkidZ: Birds are like people sort of ...: "I love the way birds are like people. Some are really colourful and LOUD and hang out in large groups. Others are quite plain but when they ..."

Birds are like people sort of ...

I love the way birds are like people.
Some are really colourful and LOUD and hang out
in large groups.
Others are quite plain but when they sing ... their song is quite extraordinary.
Then there's the big powerful solitary types that inspire us all.
There's the couples who are happy to just hang around and enjoy each others company.
And the little flitting playful ones that are so delightful they make your heart sing with joy.
I think that's me.
If you were a bird ....
What sort of bird would you be ??

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm experimenting again. It happened by accident as most experiments do. I was lying in bed and I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to just close my eyes and pretend that I was asleep because it was so dark I couldn't see anything anyway.
Then ... I became aware of all the sounds ... at first it was a bit scary ... the creaking floors .. the branch tapping on the window .... the leaves scraping on the roof.... but I kept listening ... eyes shut tight and ears wide open. The breeze was making the trees woosh and I could hear the wooshing coming from miles away ... like a train coming up the valley .... bringing with it all the smells of the forest . Then I realized my nose was wide awake too.
I started to sniff the familiar smell of my room .... the faint smell of camphor on my blanket .... the lavender soap on my hands .... I could even taste the mint in my toothpaste ....
Then I realized my taste buds had woken up.
It was late .... I opened one eye and saw the time..... It was after midnight... I shivered in the cool breeze and goosebumps rose all over my body.
OH NO .... My whole self was awake .... and that's when I realized that maybe that's how we are supposed to be... with all our senses wide awake. What an exciting thought ... and with that I closed my eyes and went straight to sleep. Had the most amazing dreams ... but more on that next time .... nigh nigh . luv jen xxxxxxx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Butterfly (Actually it was a cabbage moth)

I was in my garden just now and I pulled out a weed and a little white butterfly fell onto the soil. (actually it was a cabbage moth but names are only labels right...) Seems it had just hatched from its cocoon and it's wings were still all floppy ... like they hadn't set yet. It couldn't be the right way up ... it had to be upside down so it's wings could set straight. It was weird. So there I sat ... with it sitting upside down on my finger waiting ... and waiting ... just when I was starting to get impatient ... it took off and flitted off into my vege garden ... to start eating my cabbages I suppose.
Anyway ... I'm sure that it will have a lovely life as there are lots of cabbages in my garden.

Luv Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxx