Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm experimenting again. It happened by accident as most experiments do. I was lying in bed and I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to just close my eyes and pretend that I was asleep because it was so dark I couldn't see anything anyway.
Then ... I became aware of all the sounds ... at first it was a bit scary ... the creaking floors .. the branch tapping on the window .... the leaves scraping on the roof.... but I kept listening ... eyes shut tight and ears wide open. The breeze was making the trees woosh and I could hear the wooshing coming from miles away ... like a train coming up the valley .... bringing with it all the smells of the forest . Then I realized my nose was wide awake too.
I started to sniff the familiar smell of my room .... the faint smell of camphor on my blanket .... the lavender soap on my hands .... I could even taste the mint in my toothpaste ....
Then I realized my taste buds had woken up.
It was late .... I opened one eye and saw the time..... It was after midnight... I shivered in the cool breeze and goosebumps rose all over my body.
OH NO .... My whole self was awake .... and that's when I realized that maybe that's how we are supposed to be... with all our senses wide awake. What an exciting thought ... and with that I closed my eyes and went straight to sleep. Had the most amazing dreams ... but more on that next time .... nigh nigh . luv jen xxxxxxx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Butterfly (Actually it was a cabbage moth)

I was in my garden just now and I pulled out a weed and a little white butterfly fell onto the soil. (actually it was a cabbage moth but names are only labels right...) Seems it had just hatched from its cocoon and it's wings were still all floppy ... like they hadn't set yet. It couldn't be the right way up ... it had to be upside down so it's wings could set straight. It was weird. So there I sat ... with it sitting upside down on my finger waiting ... and waiting ... just when I was starting to get impatient ... it took off and flitted off into my vege garden ... to start eating my cabbages I suppose.
Anyway ... I'm sure that it will have a lovely life as there are lots of cabbages in my garden.

Luv Jen xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carols by Candelight

We had our Singing Creek carols by candelight last night at our local oval. Sausage samwitches, icecream, lots of kids wearing reindeer ears and santa hats. The nicest thing was the Christmas tree. We put gifts under it for the Salvation Army to give to little kids who don't get any presents. I gave books because books are great. Made me feel good inside it did. We all had those glowing things. Mine is in the freezer for next year. Got to go and make some more Christmas cards. Making Mum a mobile out of all the seashells and rocks I've found this year. She's going to LOVE it.
Take care and enjoy the holidaze everyone .... love Jen xxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas stuff

At girl Guides this week we went and sang Christmas carols to the old people at the nursing home. They were soooooo cute. They even gave us lollies afterwards... isn't that nice and Christmassy of them.
luv Jen xxxxx