Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's got to start somewhere ...

Do you ever have ideas that are really big ?
I do ... all the time. It drives my brother Jed CRAZY.

This is my latest plan ....
To get EVERY kid on the planet and all the people who love them
(the representatives of generation zed)
to sign petitions to stop the following ...

AND .... that's not all ... to promote the clean and sustainable energy solutions that are already available ... because as my friend Bill Mollison once said ... "While the problems of the world become increasingly complex ... the SOLUTIONS remain embarrassingly simple."

Never EVER think that you are too little to make a difference.
Just think of a grasshopper ... something like that.
Anyway ... as we say in Singing Creek ... DO YOUR BEST.
Luv Jen xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Gosh .... I don't know about you ... but we are gobsmacked by what is happening on the news at the moment. 
What a MESS.
Seems that every night we sit and shake our heads in disbelief.
These 'natural disasters' .... make me feel sad. 
So many people killed.
So many communities destroyed. 
Such a massive disaster.

But then ... there's the unfolding 'man made disaster' .... the nuclear power station on the faultline with the failed cooling system and the failed generators ... leaching poison into our world at an increasingly alarming rate.
THAT .... makes me feel angry.

It's just not fair.

I am angry at the grown-ups who have allowed this to happen.
How could anyone create a mess so big that it can't be cleaned up? In my opinion ... the nuclear 'industry' has to be shut down immediately. Leave the rest of the uranium in the ground and stop making nuclear weapons and nuclear waste.
There is nothing good about nuclear stuff. Nothing.

In the meantime .... we have to go gungho with all the clean and sustainable alternatives .... don't you reckon ?
luv jen x